Thursday, January 27, 2011

oliver boliver

 This kid cracks me up. He dresses himself most days. This day, I couldn't help but take a picture because his outfit seemed... extra fantastic. ;) I try not to make a big deal out of it (at least I think I'm learning to?) but I just hope everyone who sees us knows he dresses himself.
 His hair makes us laugh all the time, but it's just so Ollie. Without it, he seems a different kid.

 And here's Ollie's "beard" that he is so proud of. (Gross or cool, you be the judge.) I only catch it in certain lights, and he won't let me cut it because he wants to be like Daddy...
Sometimes he can be a handful, but most of the time Ollie is the sweetest little guy. I can't believe he's almost 5!

1 comment:

lindsey v said...

Aahhh! Those beard hairs! hehe.
I love his outfit choices and his hair always.

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