Tuesday, January 11, 2011

winter stepping stones

 The Crafty Crow hooked us up with another fun craft idea... How to make colored ice!
First you get all your cake/pie pans. They suggested flimsy disposable pans so you could just pop the ice out, but I found it just as easy to just use what I had... (the glass was a little harder to work with.)
First you pour water in the pans- half full is good...
(Linc wanted to fill his belly first...)

Then you stir in food coloring or paint if you want them a little brighter. We actually had paint on hand! Yesss! We found mixing the color with a whisk works better than a spoon.
Linc was trying to eat it, maybe we should have used food coloring for his?

Then, you just put the pans anywhere outside and within minutes they will start to freeze. (If you live in Utah where it was in the single digits last night...)
We left ours out over night and they were nice and frozen in the morning- and brighter than I thought they would be.
To release them from the pans, put a dry cloth on the ice to hold it while you flip it over. Run warm water over the back of the pan for a few seconds and when you feel it come free, flip it back over being careful not to let the water run on the ice.
Place them wherever you want. They're so fun to see amongst the white covering everything. And they should last a while in this freezing weather.


Melissa said...

Dawson just saw me looking at this post, and said "no fair Mom, that we didn't get to make those :(...) Poor Dawson, he dosen't have such an awesome fun Mom. I guess we will have to try this so I can be as cool as you :). What a fun idea!

Knudson Family said...

fun! we'll just have to dream about this one....still in the 40's here.

Saimi said...

Very cool and clever!! They're so colorful in the white snow! What a fun mom you are and I love your new header!!! Your not only a fun mom but a beautiful one!!

Mrs. Ham said...

gosh you're the best mom ever- i always worry i wont be creative enough with my kids...good thing i've got tan to keep them occupied

MomSwalz said...

You have so many fun things to do! Your boys are so lucky & blessed to have you & Adam for parents!!

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