Friday, January 7, 2011

line a day

{a few of my many, many journals}
 The second I could write I was filling up my little kid journal. I remember doing things--like going out to splash in the slush filling our street-- just so I would have something to write in my journal. It's pretty hilarious to read my kid thoughts and see my handwriting-  question marks and exclamation points after every sentence... I read those pages and remember it like it was yesterday. I wrote all through high school and college. There are some pretty funny pages in there too- lots of dating going on.

But then I got married. And I stopped writing.

I don't know if it was suddenly sharing bedtime with my hubby- because that's when I usually wrote before, or what? I guess I didn't actually stop. I've got probably 15 pages from the last 10 years... (this makes me so sad I want to cry.) Thank goodness for a little scrapbooking and blogging to help me remember that I- along with my family- was here.
 But there's nothing like a journal, where you write your REAL feelings and dreams and concerns. When I came across these journals, I thought it was the best idea ever and got one for Adam for Christmas. (Of course I got myself one while I was at it.) You write one line a day for 5 years. Because who can't write one line a day? There are 5 dates on a page, so you can see what you were doing on... say... June 12th, five years in a row.
 Just before Christmas, Adam and I had to speak in church and my talk was on giving and receiving gifts with joy. President Henry B. Eyring said that writing in your journal is one of the most precious gifts you can give to your kids. So even though I gave this to Adam, it's really to my boys, who need to know that their Daddy had dreams and trials, just like they will.  Who knows what they will need to read, or know from us someday? I hope these books will be saved and treasured...
And we've had success so far! We started on January 1st and have written for 6 days straight. Wish us luck. And while I know this isn't full-blown page a day journal writing, it's a {re}start. It's just one line, but maybe it'll get me back in the habit.

P.S. I found them at Barnes and Noble in the journal section and I saw them online in a couple of places. And as you can see, you can really write around 5 lines, or roughly 2.5 sentences, so make it short! I'm in love with this little book!


Lindz said...

Love this....what a great idea! :)

Mrs. Ham said...

ohhh we're buying one tonight! great idea- i did that the whole first year i dated tan on a calendar- its funny to read back and see the things i said about him or the billion times we broke up and such! bahaha- but it's so fun for the future to look back and remember the small milestones or hard days or when you found stuff out or got jobs etc. i love this!!!

Mrs. Ham said...

ps... your photos look awesome! i'm trying to read the book mist my studying ugh! i can tell you're doing good and it isn't just a good lens or camera- true talent sins

walkerbunch said...

I'd like to try this too. I use to be so good. What a great resolution. :)

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