Monday, January 3, 2011

new year's eve

We had a very low key New Year's Eve...
 The boys were very intent on staying up till midnight. (Except Linc who was in bed by 8!)
 Somehow they found sparklers and decided we would light them on New Year's. Where do they get these ideas?

 So we braved the FRIGID temperatures and did sparklers on the 8... for 1.3 minutes before we rushed back inside.
 Elliott and Ollie made it to midnight...they were so funny and sleepy... but they still woke us up at their normal time the next morning. Why do I always think they'll sleep in?


walkerbunch said...

My kids were set on doing sparklers for New Years too! -So funny.

Saimi said...

Yeah, kids are funny that way..No matter how late they stay up they ALWAYS get up at their normal early time!!

Glad everyone had a great time!

Happy New Year!!!

Melissa said...

Sounds like a great New Years!! I love the sparkler pictures, and that you all braved the cold. Wow, your boys are quite the partiers!!

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