Friday, January 14, 2011

baby gabby

Baby Gabby is finally here! (Adam's sister, Christie and Scott) Gabby has the coolest birthday ever- 1/11/11 ! And she has the best parents anyone could ask for- lucky girl. :)
We got to visit soon after delivery. The boys were so excited to meet their new baby cousin.
Linc found a buddy named Grandpa Steve (had to wiggle out of my arms and RUN to him in the hall...)
He had to get sooo close to Baby Gabby. (He also wanted to touch her eyes and stick his grubby little fingers in her mouth...)
 We got to go the next night too, since Adam was in St. George the first night.
This time Elliott and Ollie got to hold her. They were sad they didn't the night before. (Woopsie_)
Welcome to the world baby!


Melissa said...

Awe... cute new baby :). I am so baby hungry! I love Ollie's big smile while he is holding her.

Tisha and Mark said...

Makes me realize how big Mc is going to look next to a newborn! Love the new pic on the profile and that Ollie's shaggy hair is back...that kid cracks me up.

lindsey v said...

So cute! She has the most perfect little lips ever. Yay for Christie and Scott!

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