Tuesday, January 4, 2011

moving on

  I usually can't wait to get Christmas packed up and moved out. This year, I packed everything the day after Christmas, except I couldn't bring myself to clean up the tree and my favorite wall of cards. I finally did the deed yesterday. Sigh. I guess it's a good thing because Adam said he stopped watering the tree a week ago. The house seems surprisingly clean and roomy now... so that's nice. Just in time to start some home improvement projects! So very excited about them. (I'll let you know if we actually get them going  because I'm pretty sure they were on the list for last year too... ) We're thinking paint (can you believe we've lived in our house for seven years and never painted our kitchen?) floors (I don't even want to think about our tired little carpet and all it's had to...ingest...) and countertops... we shall see. Loving our bright Utah January!


Saimi said...

I was ready to take my tree down the minute Christmas was over...See I had some help from a frisky kitten my college son was sitting and that playful feline destroyed all the lower branches and ornaments. I really had no choice!

Happy to say the cat is back at college!

Scott & Christie Lamb said...

I love your house at Christmas! I'm sad that I'll have to wait a full year to see it all up again :-) Can't wait to see all the updates you are going to do to the house! So fun!

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