Thursday, January 13, 2011


 Linc wants to be just like his brothers. And while Elliott's in school, Linc and Ollie get lots of time together.

 Ollie is helpful and is always getting Lincoln what he needs. Unless it's Ollie's and/or Ollie had it first. But he's learning how to be a brother. And he knows that he needs to put his stuff high if he doesn't want Linc to ruin/eat/destroy it. Lots of little piles on my counters lately... Isn't that what siblings are about though? Helping you realize it's more fun to share and love than not? We've had lots of talks about how families act and sharing is the thing we talk about the most. Oh, and not hitting your brother.  That's top on the list too.
my sweet Ollie
 I remember being the only one at home with my little brother Mikey while everyone else was at school. I was 5 or 6 (Mikey is 4 years younger) and we would play while my mom read the newspaper, or other important "mom" things. I don't remember too much about what we did, except I taught him how to climb up on top of our TALL upright piano and (quietly) jump onto the couch while my mom was in the other room. And I used pretend that I was dead and he would only believe it if I lay with my eyes closed and my tongue hanging out to the side. Oh, and I used to chase him while singing a funny gobble song. Fun what a big sib teaches us. Anyway, it makes me sad that I hardly ever see my little bro anymore. Almost like we live on different planets. :(

My hope is that these guys can be friends through thick and thin. And that they'll want to hang out together. (Even when they start stealing each other's girlfriends in high school.)


Emily said...

Sweet Sinika....I'm sure they will be close with all the family bonding you do. Funny that you mentioned stealing girlfriends--I already worry about that with the boys.

{leah} said...

Don't you love how they help each other!! So cute! I hope my boys are the same way.

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