Wednesday, February 23, 2011

day 7- goodbye dinner at Prague Castle

 On Saturday night we took this historic trolley complete with an accordian player up the hill to Prague Castle.

 We were greeted by these historic clowns guys playing traditional music. They also put on a show during dinner, although we couldn't see very well for that.
 Since 1360! Crazy.
 Notice his shoes?
 Inside the castle/restaurant we were met with these interesting relics... 

Our long table. I think Steve's checking out the cool ceiling... pic to come.

Pretty place settings with the menu rolled up on top. I love that there are fifty glasses to each person.

 In between dinner courses they had fun activities to do, like weave things out of branches. This nice fellow actually made a bell while I held the branches. It even made it home although I'm not sure where it is now...
 And we rolled our own candles out of wax. My boys have been begging to burn them. Maybe when it's warm outside. They also had flavorless cookies to decorate...

 The scrumptious food was served family style. And even though some of the stuff looked mysterious, I tried everything. The appetizers were the most mysterious, but by the time I got back from my activities, my tablemates had gone through the plate and it was no longer photograph-able. But my favorite was the couscous and those little patties (old bohemian potato pancakes) that were super garlicky. I heard people complaining about how the food wasn't good.

 Fruit strudel for desseert, but by then I was so full and I don't remember it being worth the calories.
 By the end the candles had burned low and there was wax everywhere. Kind of nice that they never have to clean it? It gave the castle a perfect look though.

 After everyone filed out into the freezing night air, we were surprised with one last performance: fire eating. And we all felt bad for that girl o'flame because she took off her coat and it was so cold! And that metal bra doesn't look very warm.
 It was a great day and we were sad to say goodbye to everyone. Most were flying back to Salt Lake early the next morning. But our journey continued. Poland is next.

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