Wednesday, February 23, 2011

day 7- roaming in Prague

On our last day in Prague we decided to hit all the places we had been wanting to get souvenirs and such. And we shopped like crazy. Let's not forget there were three H&M's within walking distance, along with a Diesel store (Adam's fav jeans) and some of the best shopping I've ever seen. 
This sweet bread called trdelnik (try saying that three times fast) was sold out of shops on the street. We of course had to get one every time we came upon them. Warm and delicious. 

And sometimes dusted with powdered sugar.

I stopped to look in this little window and it turns out it was just a private alleyway- so fun!
It's so fun to travel with Adam. He hears about all these weird things and this is one of them. It's by a famous artist, David Cerny (who also painted a army tank bright pink in the middle of the town square after the fall of communism.) This is in the middle of a mall. I know. I guess if you have all these cool old sculptures, you'll put them wherever there is room?

We came upon a farmer's market... the booths were beautiful. I loved looking at everything, but we used up the last of our Czech money to buy Czech chocolate at the request of my brother Eric, who knows his chocolate.

  At night we had our closing dinner, but it deserves its own little post, so next time.

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