Tuesday, February 15, 2011

love day

 We had a fun Valentine's Day around here- if "fun" means LOTS and LOTS of candy! I got to help decorate cookies for Elliott's class party, so we invited some of Ollie's friends over to use up the extras.

 I just love how piled up the candy is. Some kids in E's class were doing double layers!
 Ollie's cookie and he's still squeezing candy in wherever it will fit. 
 Elliott was so excited to pass out his valentines at school. Afterwards he loved going through them and showing me each one. His favorite was from Evalynn, and he gave her and Anikka the two biggest of his cards. Cute lil' first grade crushes.

 Elliott's cookie from school- I was afraid they would all get smooshed on the way home, but Elliott's was still edible. (And eaten.)
 Adam brought Outback takeout home for dinner- salmon and baked potatoes- so delicious!
 Then for FHE we all wrote our names on a heart and took turns writing something we love about that person- we had to help them think of ideas for this one. Then we all wrote something we love about ourselves, which the boys had no problem with. Long lists of love. For themselves. Which is good right?

 Then homemade chocolate covered strawberries and raspberries for dessert. I ate way too many of these!

 White drizzle looks better, but Adam's not a fan of white chocolate... and they were for him so we did dark chocolate on the bottom and milk chocolate drizzle.
I loved this cute little valentine Elliott cut out for us. He sure knows the way to his momma's heart.

Happy Valentine's Day!


Scott & Christie Lamb said...

so cute I can't believe all the candy they can fit on those little cookies :-)

Shum Girl said...

I love that kids love themselves. When does it become not okay to love ourselves and think we are great? I say never. I think it is a topic I will have to address on my blog.

Marci said...

You really are a great room mom! You go above and beyond the call of duty. Again, I can't complain because Jake reaps the benefit. I want to come see your finished house sometime.

lindsey v said...

You guys do the funnest things on holidays. My kids were lucky to do one little thing.

My sister-in-law told me that kids probably stop saying good things about themselves because they don't hear US say good things about ourselves. So she told me to start while my kids are young. So I've tried to say things like, "I made a good dinner tonight" or "I did a good job cleaning". But it's hard! I have to make a conscious effort. Which means I don't do it as often as I should.

Lindz said...

Those strawberries and raspberries look DELICIOUS!! :) Can't wait to see the finished product of your house....it looks cute in pics the bits & pieces that I can see! :)

Mama Swalz said...

Looks like the perfect Valentines Day at your house! Teaching those boys when they are young..... hehe! You are such a great mom, Sini!!

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