Sunday, February 20, 2011


Elliott and his best buddy from school- Ethan
 Elliott gets to play basketball this year... will he like it and play next year? So far so good. The first week of 1st grade I asked what he did at recess and he told me everyone played basketball, but he didn't know how... I figure its a good thing to learn. He's combined with the 2nd graders this year. I can't believe how good some of those boys are!

He loves to see if there is anyone on the opposing team from his class at school. (Don't you love how first graders are friends with everyone in their whole class?)

Anyway- he was very excited to play his best buddy, Ethan, even though Ethan's mom told me he was nervous to play Elliott. He said, "I can't play against my best friend mom!" Elliott thought that was so funny, "Does he think it's a fight mom?"
 Elliott's pretty timid, but he's getting the hang of it. I taught him how to fake people out, and since he never gets the ball :( he has lots of fun faking out the person trying to guard him. He pretends to go one way and then goes the other... and sometimes forgets to even worry about the ball.

 Linc loves to be on the court too (stinker.) And Ollie is already practicing his moves on the sidelines- guarding and bouncing the ball.
 This picture just makes me laugh! He has no idea what's going on...
Grandma even came to watch! Good job little buddy! 
It's fun to watch him get better every week. 


Marci said...

You guys weren't at the game when you played us. Steve is the coach and he is a little intense. It is so fun to watch.

Shum Girl said...

I love this post. It brightened my morning.

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