Wednesday, February 16, 2011

the sink

Sometimes I let my kids play in the sink. Well not IN the sink, but AT the sink. We pulled up a chair and let Linc play the other day and found this:
 Elliott said I should have told him he could play at the sink, not in. But this is just Linc for ya. He was scrubbing his hair with a scrub brush too! So funny.

P.S. We got our new countertops today, so these ones and the sink are no longer a part of our family. It's kind of weird saying goodbye after 7.5 years... I'm glad Linc got one last hurrah with ol' sinky pie.


Mama Swalz said...

That Linc is so funny! I think I have a pic of him in my bathroom sink too! He is so fascinated with water! Those boys are just so fun! Loved seeing them the other day :)

Melissa said...

You are such a good mom!!

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