Thursday, February 24, 2011

day 8- Krakow, Poland

 Our flight didn't leave from Prague until around noon so we had a little bit longer to soak in some more of the city. We couldn't get enough. Prague is even cooler than we thought it would be and hopefully we'll get back there someday.

This is another funny sculpture by David Cerny- the same guy who did the upside down horse. Anyway, if you look close you can see that the butt section of these two guys is not fully connected to the legs and torso, so the butt section can move back and forth so they can pee- because yep- that's where the fountain comes from. (It was turned off, but the butts were still moving.) The irony of this is that they are standing in a map of Czech Republic... and peeing on it. Pretty silly I say, but Adam loved it. It is just outside the Franz Kafka museum (another famous Czech artist/author.)
 From the bridge right by our hotel.

Next stop Poland!

 Prague from the plane.

By the time we got into Krakow the sun was setting! It was so red! We watched it go down on the way to the hotel.
I loved this hotel too. It was right by a mall. H&M- one minute away.
Even if it did have two twin beds...
Even the bathroom was cool and had a steam shower (below.) Can you see that orange glass? It was right next to the bed on the other side. I liked it.

The funky doors from the hallway. Steve and Adam were just talking like this and I thought it was a cool photo.
I want one of these in my yard!

We grabbed a quick bite to eat and headed out to see Poland at night. It was FREEZING!! But the buildings looked amazing.
There were still a couple of booths selling things. I liked these, but didn't think they'd make it home okay.

We stopped by the hotel bar to warm ourselves with some hot chocolate on the way in. 
It was a busy travel day. Traveling without kids is so different for us. You mean we just have to pack one suitcase? You mean I can read the entire flight and not have to worry about a crying kid? Ahhh. I could get used to this. :) But I did start to miss them a lot. A week must be my max without kids, at least the baby. (Linc was 18 months when we went.)

Oh yes- on the plane and throughout our travels we ran into big groups of English speaking kids. There was a big group hanging out in KFC one night (they said they all lived in Prague,) and on the flight from Prague to Poland there were like fifteen kids speaking English, but in all different accents. I was so confused. I asked them if they were all together and they told me they just played in a soccer tournament, but they lived in Poland and went to an International school. He said he lived there because of his dad's work, which was a mall developer. What an interesting and cool way to grow up.

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I love your travelogue!!! Keep them coming :)

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