Friday, February 25, 2011

day 9- Poland has the best food

So- after that rough morning, we stopped by a place our tour guide suggested- Polskie Smaki to eat linner- you know, for when you skip lunch. Oh wow-  some of the best food we've ever eaten! The soups alone were so flavorful- like nothing else I've ever tasted! Eric and Tagen had mentioned that Poland had great food. But wow. It was beyond delicious- so warm, and comforting.

This is a type of Polish dumpling called pierogi. This picture doesn't do justice- but it tasted so amazing. This one had potatoes and cheese inside and those are onions on top. I've looked up and found some recipes, but haven't made it yet. Why?! And the food was so cheap! Lots of food for little moolah. Nice. 
Okay- the apple pancakes were to die for. Just like a crepe with cooked apples, carmel and whipped cream. I need to make these!

The doors! So much fun.

We walked around the square at sunset. I loved the light on the buildings. 

We took these for the boys.

This is the Old Cloth Hall that has been around forever. There are tons of little booths inside. You think it would be warm in there, but it's like a fridge because of the opening on the sides. Brrr.

We had to try everything and these seemed to be selling everywhere on the streets. Kind of a mix between a pretzel and bagel. Even though they were a little dry- we fell in love.
The twelve apostles, minus Judas and plus Mary.

So we heard some advice from the great Rick Steves (we followed his books the whole time for great self tours and info on everything from restaurants to transportation) that if you see a closed door, just open it. As long as there is no sign saying no. So we saw this door cracked open a teeny bit and we pushed it open and found this beautiful courtyard! I loved it. Again- not as cool in the pic as in real life, but I loved what they did with the place.

They sold these leather gloves everywhere- I got a gray pair.

I seriously wore half my suitcase when we'd go out everyday. Lots of layers. And double socks. So cold. Looking back I should have just bought a better coat while I was there... We were still in our warm Utah fall when we left, so I thought it would be pretty much the same weather. I was wrong.

We'd come back at night and just drop on our beds. We were so tired from walking all day everyday. So exhausting and amazing all at once. 


Melissa said...

Your pictures are amazing! Sounds like such an awesome experience.

Leah said...

looked like you had a great time!! I would open all the doors just to peek inside.

The food looked great!!!

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