Saturday, March 5, 2011

bathrooms (before & after)

I'm so excited to see these before and after pictures! We are finally finishing up with all the hard work! Keep in mind, we weren't exactly planning on remodeling our bathrooms, it just sort of happened... which is why I will always times my budget by 5 anytime I remodel in the future.

 work done (this goes for all three bathrooms):
tore out and replaced tile
painted cabinets
new cabinet hardware
tore out and replaced door moldings and baseboards
new toilets
new countertops
undermount square sinks
modern faucets
new towel hardware (including tp holders)
painted walls
framed out mirror
we'd love to replace the lights sometime too... 
 We've entertained the idea of taking one of these doors off to make more room... and I know that green picture is too high, I was just too lazy and used the old nail hole.
 Even the water looks cool coming out!
 I love the three little hooks for the boys towels as the bar wasn't cutting it anymore. Now to get a matching third towel...

 I forgot to take before pics, as we weren't planning on changing much. Our new toilet looks like it's from outer space, but it's conveniently skirted for easier cleaning after 3 little boys! We changed to a square pedestal sink too. I painted this bathroom a few years ago and it sort of matched, so we kept it. I'd love to cover it in wallpaper though...

Our master bath is TINY!! Smaller than the boys bath. I don't usually mind it, until I go on a tour of a nice house. But anyway... I think the new floors and white cabinets and countertops open it up and make it cheery. And the tile has this cool texture on it- it feels so heavenly on bare feet. I should have gotten a close up of the tile. Click on it to enlarge? I love our new bathroom!

another before:
I love the simplicity of the faucet!


 This is one of my favorite new accessories! We've had an ugly purple toothbrush holder since we first got married.
 Shiny new counters and sink. Guess what- they still get dirty. :(

I still love our old rugs, shower curtain and towels. Maybe I'll hang something on the walls eventually?

 New toilet- thanks to the plumber who told Adam ours were cheap. Can you see the tank? It's so tiny! I thought they would plug, but really it's up to the flapper thing in the hole inside. No plugged toilets since we've had them, when we usually had to break out the plunger at least once a week... Oh, and the lids and seats go down slow, so no slamming! Who knew all the new options in toilets? So exciting haha.
shiny silver hardware

This was a very fun change, although harder than I thought. We brushed our teeth and washed our hands out of the bathtubs for a few weeks, didn't have counters for a few weeks and went without toilets (except the basement) for a couple of days. It's so nice to be put back together again.


Knudson Family said...

I LOVE all the remodeling! I like your choice of modern hardware. It all looks so great!

The Nielson Family said...

It looks amazing! Great job on the renovations!!! :)

Lindsay said...

I love remodels and before and after pictures. The bathrooms look streamlined!

Melissa said...

Everything looks awesome!! I am so jealous, and wish we could do some remodeling. So happy for you that things are wrapping up :)

B and Jessica said...

Oooooh. Love the faucets. What are they called? And your tile is awesome. The rectangle shape is so cool. And I love the way you framed out the mirrors. It makes such a difference! I love all the white. Are the counters quartz? I like the modern square fatty edge you chose. By far the best. Great job!

Lindz said...

It looks amazing!! The white looks so bright and fresh and clean!! Lucky you....I wish I could remodel my whole house! :)

Marci said...

It looks great. I bet you're glad to be done!

Shum Girl said...

Your bathrooms look awesome. I am jealous!

Mama Swalz said...


Michelle said...

Haha--I'd love to change our toilets out for the latest and greatest. Can you imagine being in the engineering and designing of toilets, though..? ;-)

mandi said...

I LOVE THEM! I'm so jealous - our bathrooms need remodeling so bad. I love all of your choices. And I've never thought of getting a toilet like that for easier cleaning. That's a great idea!

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