Saturday, March 12, 2011

in town

Trevan, Ryder, Bailey, Elli, Addie, Linc, Ollie, Elliott
It's so fun to have family come in town. We all show up at my mom's more times in a week than we usually do in a month... and somehow the house shrinks. And this has been going on for quite a while now but we usually eat in shifts... kids first and then the adults while the kids run WILD. 
cute baby Melora
the boys loved tickle wars with Uncle Troy

And lucky Ollie got to have some family over on his real birthday for dinner.

Pretty sure Linc likes Ollie's new bike more than Ollie... 
Baby Will and giant Baby Linc
My mom and some of my sisters: Leena, Linds, Sini (holding Lisa's baby Fisher) and Lisa.

Linc is obsessed with zippers and shoes!
Grandma and Linc on a lunch date.
Addie entertaining Baby Fisher
My mom the baby whisperer...
It was so fun to meet little Fisher! He lives in Illinois so we haven't been able to meet him yet. He's a chunky monkey and otherwise looks exactly like his dad.
We loved having so much family time and of course were sad to see them go. It wouldn't be so bad if we could see a pic every now and then... Lis? Too bad she never reads this blog either. :(

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Mama Swalz said...

I always love seeing all your pics Sini-I think it's so cute that you are always holding a baby!

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