Monday, March 21, 2011

two points

 It was really cool watching Elliott learn the game of basketball this year. Like amazing to watch. He went from super timid and not understanding, to getting into the game. Even if he was taking his turn on the sidelines, he was cheering for his team, pointing frantically to who they should pass it to and shaking his head when the other team snatched the ball.

Lincoln is just interested in anything food...thanks Grandpa.
 But sometimes as a mom, I felt bad helping him to practice every week. 

When he was complaining about going.

But he signed up for it and needed to follow through. 

 Linc of course was our comic relief. And did you see the boys in the background? Crazy fall.
 And Elliott's coach couldn't have been more perfect for him. He's standing by the green curtain behind the ref- Coach Chad. He was really gentle and kind. Just what E needed. Pretty sure he set up the last game for all the boys who had never scored. So E's team passed him the ball over and over...

 ...until he made his first basket! He was so happy and proud! This was huge for him.
 Grandpa and Grammy even got to see his basket.
And that wraps up this year's basketball season. Pretty sure we'll have lots more basketball in our future. Ollie usually dribbles and practices right along with Elliott now. And you can find them both shooting hoops at the next-door neighbor's basket with all the neighborhood kids.


Melissa said...

Way to go Elliott!! Basketball is the best. I love looking over at the Calders and seeing so many of our little guys out there with the big guys :). We have the best neighborhood!!

Elena said...

Go Elliott! He was cute out there. And I love that you got Scott in a "charge" in that 1st picture.:)

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