Thursday, March 31, 2011

book signing

Kazia, Kelsey (yes- they are twins) Linds, Aunt Marcia and Sini
 My cousin Kelsey told me about Markus Zusak, who wrote 'The Book Thief' (on my list of favorite books) and 'I Am The Messenger' coming to the Provo Library to speak. But it turns out that you had to have a Provo Library card to get tickets. Later Kelsey told us she got extra tickets and invited Linds and I to go! How exciting!
 The cards make sense if you read 'I Am The Messenger'.

 Five hundred people came to see this guy speak! And he flew in from Australia. I love an Australian accent.

 Anyway, he had some really funny stories and great advice to writers. He even answered questions from the crowd.
 We waited in line for an hour to get our books signed. (I know.)

I've never done anything like it- it was pretty fun! Thanks to my cousins for giving us tickets.

Afterwards I took Linds to her first Indian food excursion at the Bombay House since it was across the street. Yum. We got stuck in a late night traffic jam on the way home, but it was so fun hanging out with my sister that I hardly even cared. :)


Knudson Family said...

How fun. I'll have to add that to my list of books to read. And what a cute picture at the top! Aren't we lucky to have lots of cousins and very nice aunts?!

Melissa said...

Awesome... so cool to get your book signed. It sounds like such a great time! Sisters are the best :)

Rachel said...

So great! and So Jealous.. But I agree, when I am with my sisters, we could do totally nothing and have a great time. PS... I miss the Bombay house!

Emily said...

I am so jealous...both of the book signing and of your relationship with your sister.

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