Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Lincoln's 2nd

We had family over for Lincoln's 2nd birthday. He was very excited to have cousins there and everyone interested in him. And apparently I like to throw a party? I mean, it can get stressful, but I love planning it out and having everyone there and not cleaning until everyone leaves. And then I like to clean it all up and put it all away so I have my normal little tidy house again. Adam probably hates it. "Guess what? We're having everyone over AGAIN!" 

Here's an actual conversation we had late Sat night- it's hard prepping for a sunday dinner when you get out of church at 4:00! 
Me: "Do you want to be my assistant?!" (The false optimism was definitely in my voice.)
Adam: "No, I want to go to sleep."
Me: "Oh, okay."

And that was that. 

But Sunday he helped with whatever I asked when he wasn't in meetings. What a gem.

Brian and Adam
We had fish tacos with all the fixings. We actually grilled more chicken that fish because I know it's not everyone's fav, but I've been obsessed with fish tacos lately. And of course, the kids had cheese quesadillas.
Tanner Ham 

It seems I never cook Mexican, so it was fun for a change!
Estacia, Eric, Michelle, Baby Melora, Mike, Linds, Baby Will, Ollie and Elli
Elli drinking her bottled rootbeer.
Megs, Scott and Christie
Banana cupcakes with peanut butter frosting. 
I just love the hustle and bustle in the background...

Linc was so cute with his cake. 
Listening to everyone sing to him...

He seems too little to be two!
And of course we had to relight the candles... a couple of times. 

His first taste of frosting...
 ... then a couple more fingers to taste...
 (I showed Ollie his face in these pics and he said, "I know." Which means, I'm pretty sure he was posing for the cameras like this... stinker.)
 ...then both hands... (Ollie's face!!)

 rainbow cake

 This was pretty fun to make- lemon cake, with lemon frosting... sooooo very sweet. But fun right?

the happy birthday boy

 Adam thought a new scooter was the perfect present since he's always on the go. I wasn't sure if he could do it himself, but of course he can. How does Adam always know the perfect gift for them?

 party masks

 Linc hardly ate any cake, but he did steal a couple of cousin's mini chocolate bunnies.

What a great day!


Naoma SW said...

What a fun birthday for Lincoln!! LOVE the cake so cool, fun ideas. You are such a fun mom, I love it!

The Nielson Family said...

I love that banner--those papers are so cute! Lincoln is such a doll and I love those pics of Ollie :) And as I'm spying around your house--what is that vintage cake print???? I LOVE that!!! We should go hunting sometime together :) Happy Birthday to Linc!!!

Melissa said...

Looks like a fun party! Your decorations are sooo cute. Love the banner, and very cute rainbow cake. So fun!! I loved Ollie in the picture watching Lincoln dig into his cake, he looks like he is wishing it was his bday :). Anyway, happy birthday Lincoln!!

Mama Swalz said...

Looks soo fun! HAPPY BIRTHDAY LINC! How many times did you have to light the candles this time?? haha!! Sorry we couldn't be there! Love all the decorations too!

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