Tuesday, March 22, 2011


 Lincoln loves to pretend cook any chance he can. If he could pour and mix all day, he would be a happy boy.

And oh- can you see the top left of our counter is missing? It's been gone for around two months. Which is making me CRAZY. It was coming off another job's slab, but is finally scheduled for tomorrow. So exciting! It's like when you hurt your finger, you never realize how much you use it. I never knew how much I used that counter by the stove.
 Anyway- I added a few ingredients in for Linc. It's so fun to listen to him babble since he's not a huge talker yet. "Hot," he says when he puts the lid on.

I wish he could stay this age, size and cuteness forever!


Rachel said...

Love it, that face is so dang cute. Who wouldn't like a pot of M&M's?

The Nielson Family said...

So cute---it's the simple pleasures, right? By the way, your kitchen is looking amazing!!! And I just hurt my finger the other day...I'm still wearing a bandaid...so I totally know what you mean :)

Melissa said...

Lincoln is so darn cute. It sure sounds like you have a chef in the making!!

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