Wednesday, March 23, 2011

sunday picnic

 Daylight savings always does something to me- it stays lighter longer and puts me in a better mood. I guess I'm a light lover. So I sat in church the day we turned our clocks forward and thought about picnicking in the park. After church we headed to our favorite Draper park with loads of trails and playgrounds to eat our sandwiches and cheetos.
 Adam with the giant frisbee, Linc on his bike, Elliott and Ollie on their scooters. We searched for a place to lay our blanket, but the grass was wet. And the wind started to blow. And it was freezing. I guess we missed the warm hours getting out of church at 4:00.

 But we huddled on our tiny blanket (note to self we're a family of 5 now...) and ate our thrown together dinner on a semi-dry piece of grass. Homemade sandwiches always taste better out of the house I've decided. Then the boys played like crazy until I made us go.

I sure love a Sunday picnic with my family. I'm looking forward to many more... when it warms up just a bit.


walkerbunch said...

Wow! I love the first pic. It's so pretty!

Melissa said...

Such a good idea for after church. Sounds so fun, I can not wait for it to warm up a bit.

Elisabeth said...

The teaser days are the worst. Sunny, kind of warm...but not. I keep repeating to myself, just a few more weeks. Great pictures btw.

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