Thursday, October 6, 2011

jackson with friends

We went with the Balfours and Barretts to Jackson and saw 
beautiful sights, ate delicious food and just had fun hanging out. 

This was on a hike Abby and Rich took us on. (More pics of that on SPOL.)

The boys were lucky and got to have little Lucas ride in our car with them. 
They all begged and it made my weekend much easier having the boys 
focus on playing with him instead of fighting each other...
Abby enjoying a Billy's burger
We got to go to some of Abby's favorite restaurants, since she's been 
coming to Jackson since she was a kid. Doesn't nostalgia taste the best?! 
Somehow they didn't have room for our group of ten, so Abby, Keri and I ended up in the next room at the counter and the boys all ended up together... I peeked around the corner and found just what I expected- pure chaos.
the boys at the antelope antlers
Abby and Keri (fashionistas)

Adam climbing the tree
Ollie caught one of his Ben 10 toys up in the tree- Ultimate Echo Echo to be exact. 
Adam and the guys all had to rescue it.
The boys are always throwing things up and getting them stuck! 
We've left toys at Costco- up on a high shelf on a pallet and one at the Scera Pool in the bucket that dumps water out, but apparently keeps little toys. When will they learn?

GQ Linc

This was only my third time to Jackson, but I've been to the candy store every time of course.

The boys kept picking something and then putting it back when they found something else.

They decided on these candy straws that you fill with whatever flavor you want.
Ollie, Linc, Elliott & Lucas

 The guys took the boys to the amazing dollar store while we finished browsing... 
somehow the dollar store there is the best! We ended up going back again too.

The boys watched Scooby Doo and ate junk food while the grown ups played cards.

 The big boys ended up sleeping in the loft, but Mister Linc 
slept in a nice little bed made of pillows next to ours.
What a great day!

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Naoma said...

Looks like a fun trip, I love Jackson! Love the new picture at the top of your blog, your boys are adorable!

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