Sunday, November 27, 2011

autumn iphone

 We took one last walk in our little jackets. 
We will be bundling up until Spring around here.
We are lucky to get such long, mild Autumns in Utah- with only an occasional snow.

 It gets dark so early now... the only good thing about 
that is that usually we get a beautiful, colorful sunset!
 These are all along the roads in my little city.
I think they are so cool looking.
I finally pulled over to take a few pics.

 With the Christmas season here, I finally forced myself 
to get rid of all the pumpkins we grew.
It was hard.
I was even entertaining the idea of painting them 
Christmas colors and making them part of my Christmas decor...
 Our front lawn... I love it!
 Thanksgiving pies.
I made cherry, chocolate and banana cream.
Megs made an amazing apple and pumpkin.
The boys cut these stars out with a (washed) playdough cutter for me.
 Ollie's thankful hat he made at school.
 Cousins- Kenzie and Elliott
Megs and her mini-me Lincoln.

I will miss the fall... it went way too fast.
But I'm looking forward to a peaceful, spiritual Christmas season.

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Mariana said...

Oh, beautiful photos!
Everything looks and sounds beautiful.

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