Saturday, November 26, 2011


Kenzie, Elliott & Oliver
 We spent Thanksgiving with Adam's family.
Ames and Cody came in from Vegas.
Megs and Tanner came in from California.
 Christie & Scott and Adam & I came from across town.
The cousins had so much fun playing together.
Elliott didn't want to eat very much before the big meal and ended up only eating a half a grapefruit until dinner at 5:30. He was so hungry and wanted to load up his plate!
I went to town on the mashed potatoes and gravy and rolls...
And I couldn't help having a little taste of all the pies.
Why am I only a pie fan on Thanksgiving?
Lincoln, Collin & Baby Will
Gabby, Christie & Scott
Megs & Tanner
Amy & Cody
Adam & Sini
Little Miss Gabby
 I love that Gabby likes to come to me! :)
cherry, pumpkin, apple, chocolate & banana cream pie
Long day equals sleepy boys.
We had a great day with our family! 

And I loved Adam's turn at saying what he was thankful for... 
it was so heartfelt and thoughtful after everyone thought he would just joke it up. 

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Tisha and Mark said...

What was Adamn thankful for? So, I gave up my "no sweets" to have some pumpkin pie. Sorely disappointed- the Costco pie just didn't do it for me :( And love your sequin shirt!

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