Sunday, November 6, 2011

seven cousins

Addie, Ollie, Linc, Will, Elliott, Elli, Benny
 We get to watch my sister's kids this week while she is in warm, sunny Mexico!
If you're counting- that's seven kids!!
Good thing they are all so good...

Baby Will is a little angel and goes to nap and bedtime so easy.
He is so smiley and giggly.
Linc and Addie are little wild things running amuck in the house. 
They call for each other when they aren't together... until they find the other. 
So cute.
The big kids have been coloring, building cars and robots and playing legos 
and loving every second together.
Elliott and Benny got to go to a basketball clinic together yesterday.
We even took everyone to a movie last night and went through 2 tubs of popcorn-
each with a refill! 
We had to take two cars since ours only seats 8.

Tomorrow it's time for school and homework... we'll see how that goes.
But it's so fun to have them together.

I was proud we got all the kids bathed and ready before church this morning.
(Good thing it doesn't start until 1:00 PM.)
I even got to curl Addie and Elli's hair!
So fun!
I found Addie in my makeup when I went to curl her hair-
 she had put on a little eyeshadow, so I put a little more on to make it even.

After church when I was making dinner, she came down with some more on.
It's so cute to have girls in the house!
I had to take some pics of her funny makeup.

Can you BELIEVE those lashes?!?!

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Mama Swalz said...

All I can say is WOW!!! If anyone can do it.. it's you! And they all look happy!

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