Saturday, November 5, 2011

Linc at 2 1/2

Lincoln Bear is our little funny guy. 
He is the busiest boy I've ever met!
He loves to play and laugh... 
and run far, far away from me in stores. 
He loves to color, but mostly on anything but paper.
And sharpies are his favorite. (permanant!!)
His favorite spot to color is on our sliding glass door in the kitchen. 

He is starting to say sooo many things! 
Everyday he tries a new word or phrase.
Some of his favorites include:
"Push play Mommy!" in the car
"Hello Daddy." He says hello instead of hi.
"Please Mommy?"
"Oh! Tant Kyoo!" (thank you)
"I awake Mommy!"

He can name all the Ben 10 aliens and corrects me when I'm wrong.

The other day I said, "Who's tired Lincoln Bear?" at bedtime.
He replied, "Not me... Ollie did it."
He tells me that all the time, who made the mess in your room? Ollie.
Who spilled the crackers? Ollie.
So funny that he says that already-- did he learn by watching Elliott?
He loves his "boatat" -- his viking hat from Sweden and won't wear any other hats.
He had to have his toys next to him for naptime the other day.
He usually doesn't want anything in his bed with him and I thought he would play with them, 
but he just stared at them while he went to sleep.
Scrubbing marker off our siding outside... it didn't work and Adam had to bring in an electric eraser.
This boy wakes up with an intent to find candy and gum. 
Here he is eating three suckers at once.
He's usually the first one up and brings something from our pantry up to have it open.
"Opet" he says. 
He still doesn't love bread so lunch is still meat, cheese, cucumbers and fruit.
He's always to first to the table and is a big eater.
At the Zermatt pool.
He has no fear! He doesn't want me to hold him in the pool- 
he prefers to walk around the edges and on the steps. 
He has gone under a  couple times and still won't let me hold him!
He loves to jump into our arms from the sides.
He also loves riding his bike (plasma car) super fast.
And he keeps trying the tiny two-wheeler... 
I need to get some training wheels back on it.
Snuggling with Daddy on Ollie's bed during storytime.
He's only like this for a second and then he's back and forth to his room 
and up and down the bunk beds, playing with toys etc.
He is still in his crib even though he can climb out.
Naps and bedtime are a lot harder since we got rid of the binky.
I have to sit just outside his room, otherwise he'll climb out.
Mostly I just read or check my email and facebook while I'm waiting for him.
He usually wants another drink, or tells me, "one off, one on, one off!"
Which means his blanket isn't totally covering him. 
I have to tuck him in a few times before he's settled.
He is getting too big for his baby blankies, but he will NOT have anything else covering him.
Playing on my bed while I get ready.
He loves to undress himself now.
Once I was making dinner and he came strolling through the kitchen in his birthday suit.
He was VERY proud of himself. 
He does not want to wear a jacket EVER.
He doesn't like any shirt I pick for him... so I let him pick that and his socks everyday.
This stage is funny because any change in the norm is a big deal,
so he is not a fan of long sleeve shirts and big coats.
He loves to line up all his toys! 
I love the lining up stage!
favorite sleeping position
Watching a movie with Aunt Megs.
Helping in the flowerbeds.
Linc is different from his big brothers in that he'll be gone from my side,
so I'll go searching and he'll playing by himself in his room with his toys.
He is content to keep himself busy which is sooo nice.
He loves to play in the car.
(Mostly searching for gum and taking the cds out of the player...)

In a towel Aunt Ames made him when he was a baby.
He loves bathtime!
The other day I heard him say, "Ollie, come in my bath?"
But the big boys think he splashes too much and prefer to be together.
So I get to hang out with Linc while he swims like a fishy.
At bedtime the other night he brought up the ice cream carton and asked for some.
His obsession with sweets continues.

He can climb up onto a counter at lightning speed.
And his latest activity has been wiping the bathroom mirrors with lotion.

He loves when his brothers come home from school and squeals and gives them a hug.
He waves to everyone wherever we go.
He's a little charmer.

I think Lincoln has taught us to value our snuggles more wisely.
Every hug and kiss is so sweet to us because he's usually too busy!

He is our cute little baby.. even though when we call him that he says, "No, I Lincy."
I love him at 2 1/2... everything he says and does is ultra cute. 


Mama Swalz said...

That's the perfect description of Linc! Spot on!! I would snuggle that boy all day if he'd let me- but he's too busy! Love all of them <3

Lindz said...

He's such a cutie!! :)

Tammy said...

the #3 spot in the family is the best spot in my opinion. Dare I say I think they are the best of all the kids? of course!

If you don't get it I am a #3.

Senja said...

So cute! :)

Lindsay said...

Happy Birthday Linc! Such cute, cute kids!!

I'm so bad at responding to comments on my blog. But thanks for all the support when I complained about Clark. It really did help. He's finally (at 7 months old) turning into a happy baby.

New Orleans food was delicious! Definitely a city worth visiting. I'm not a huge fan of shrimp either and I liked the food.

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