Tuesday, November 15, 2011


This is a lineup of the shoes Lincoln went through this summer.
(It deserves a whole line of exclamation points.)
He rode his little plasma car everywhere... it was like an extension of his body he was so good at it!

I didn't know what to do. 
After he wore out his old vans AND new vans AND his sandals, 
I found some old crappy sandals from when Elliott was a baby that were so ugly, but they were thick. 
They sort of held up.
We tried not to let him wear his church shoes (far left) when he rode his bike, but we would have to catch him in the garage to change his shoes or hide his bike.
Then I found some sandals on clearance for $4 at the end of the summer thinking they would last until we put the bike away for the colder months. 
Not so much.

I couldn't tell him he couldn't ride his bike. 
I always suggested the other small bike or tried to hide his plasma car, but he just loved it too much.
I've never been more excited for a kid to graduate to a big bike!

 His pore little toes got scraped in these babies.

This time it even went through his sock.

See the 1st video here:

or 2nd one here:
It's hard to believe he's only 2!
P.S. We lost these sandals somewhere, so they weren't in the lineup... add one more!


Mariana said...


And there is a good chance that this will be happening to us... Soon.

I'm sorry, but I'm still laughing about this. Lincoln is sooo cute!

Amy said...

WOWIE!!! That is so funny! That's good that he's so active and wants to be outside all time. =)

Kenzy said...

Holy cow! That is so funny.

p.s. I just love your blog. You capture everything your family is doing so well. I love reading it!

B and Jessica said...

He's awesome! I can't believe how good he is!

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