Wednesday, November 2, 2011

trick or treat

Elliott the mummy
 We started off Halloween with a parade at the new school. 
It only lasted 20 minutes since there are so few kids in the new school.
Last year it took more than an hour, so it was nice this year!

my niece Elli
Ollie the ninja
 After E's parade, we picked up some donuts, had lunch and then dropped Ollie off for afternoon kindergarten. 
His parade was right then too. 
He got to parade through all the classes in the whole school.
Ollie and his buddy- Dawson the cowboy
 Next we got to help with the party in Ollie's class.
I did the hanging donut game.
Except for one girl who couldn't have donuts,
so we tied her special cookie to the string and she played like everyone else- so cute.
I didn't have time to take pics, but after it was over I let Linc try it. 

I wore this all day so I was sort of done by the night...
Baby Gabby
 It was early out day, so when the party was over I took the 
kids home and started making soup and popovers. 
Elliott always requests chicken noodle soup and I made minestrone too.
Adam came home early and made rootbeer.
Grammy and Grandpa came and Christie and Scott came and brought soup and cornbread.
 Then it was time for trick or treating!! 
I was pretty sure Linc wouldn't wear his cowboy suit.
I think it helped that he saw all the kids coming to our door dressed up.
He knew if he wanted to get candy he needed to dress up.
We started suiting him up and he just stood there. 
I should have made him wear different pants but I didn't want to risk it.
So we rushed out the door.
The weather was so nice! 
We were lucky because the next day it snowed.
 Lincoln's vintage leather vest was my big brother Eric's when he was little. 
I've been waiting {not so} patiently to use it. 
We borrowed Benny's boots and hat.

 ninja, mummy & cowboy

 with cousin Gabby

 Linc was a trooper and wanted to walk and not be carried.
We went down three long streets and got loads of treats!

 We even scored some hot churros at the Leonards!

 Linc was a little charmer on the doorsteps... "tic teet, tank yooo!"

 Grammy and Grandpa were so nice to answer the door for us so we could both go out with the boys.

 Who's been eating candy????
 Going through the loot.

I brought Ollie and Linc home while Elliott and Adam went a little further.

 By the time they got back, Elliott's hands were freezing! 
Grammy was warming him up.

 Ollie was hanging out like this and I saw Linc take note and copy him.

 Funny boys.

It was such a busy day! 
I feel like we didn't stop at all. 
But the boys had fun.

And I'm always glad to move on to the peaceful season of November and being grateful.

P.S. Here's a pic from just before the ward party... 
right before he ripped everything off in a two-year-old tantrum. 
Cute, funny cowboy.

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Anonymous said...

It looks like you really had a great time! :)

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