Wednesday, January 4, 2012

christmas day

We were lucky to have church at 1:00. 
We had enough time to open and play with presents and eat breakfast.
It was so sunny and nice outside!
*Rethinking the turquoise tights after a guy at church brought up the Swedish flag... haha.
The boys' yearly picture with Dasher...

Our house really did turn into LegoLand over night.
The boys were in complete heaven.
Elliott can put his together by himself now.
Ollie can do his, but sometimes needs a little help.
The beautiful Christmas day weather. 
Notice no snow on the mountains, which was kind of weird.
But it was nice not having to worry about traveling in crazy weather.

 We went to Grammy and Grandpa's for Christmas dinner.
Linc added another Brobee to his collection!

Cousin Gabby and her panda pillow pet.
Grammy and Ollie
Adam got his favorite gift of all- ebay bucks to spend however he wants. 
Karen and Steve spoiled us rotten- they gave me a new iphone! Yay!


Senja said...

I love your outfit - and I didn't even think of Sweden :)

Mariana said...

Lovely post. Lovely photos - especially the first one.

I love your tights! (Swedish flag? If you didn't mention, I wouldn't think of it. :)) Love your shoes, too!

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