Wednesday, January 4, 2012

white elephants

Abby found these cute cups at the dollar store.
 We were trying to get together with these guys during the holidays, but the only time everyone could meet was the week after Christmas. Isn't it funny how everyday is packed up until Christmas and then nothing. It's so nice. The boys were confused though... "Why are we taking presents after Christmas?" they asked. But they had fun. We all did. So fun to see everyone.
 Collin, Ben and 80 kids.
 Collin and Lucas on the right.
  Abby and Keri- I love this picture!
 Rich, Adam & Luke
 Rich and Abby had a penny auction for the kids.
We all brought a couple small kid presents and wrapped them.
Then each kid got ten pennies to bid on things with.
After they could open them and trade if they wanted.
It was a hit!
We will for sure use this option in the future!

 Brooke, Presli and Luke- Lincoln loved these guys!
 Ben, Val and their three gorgeous girls- Avery, Holland and Scarlett. 
They have another girl on the way!
 Ben's white elephant contribution- drawings of the guys and a signed photo of himself...
 Rich's contribution...
 My favorite is #3... hehe.
 Two layers of bitten chocolates! 
 Adam's contribution- a karate medal shadow box.
 Collin's gift- a paper guitar and stuff.

 Adam even made a certificate to make it official. 

 Two little friends. 
"Where's Lincoln? Come on Lincoln- over here!"
We had lots of fun and can't wait until next year's party.


Mariana said...

It looks like a lot of fun.
Love the idea of this penny auction!
Bitten chocolates?! :))

Mrs. Ham said...

i love rich's! so great!

once again...where does adam get these ideas? funny guy!

B and Jessica said...

Hahahaha! Love the karate award handshake picture. And the Rich's gift was awesome.

Lindsey Cram said...

Love this, got to try it!

Thanks for the Let's Talk Trunk link love!

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