Thursday, January 19, 2012

power saturday

 Things are back to BUSY around here. 
It's good though.
I can always tell how busy I am by how many blog posts I do in a week. 
Usually if I have a second, I'll put something up- I love it that much.
----> Notice no posts this week.  

The other day our power went out because someone crashed their car into a power line nearby.
It started to get cold.
And it was weird not relying on the t.v. and computer for entertainment on a Saturday.
The boys started rolling up in blankets and bouncing into each other while I read a book.
I had to wear my coat, boots and a blanket to stay warm.
 Adam worked on his guitars. 
(This pic is actually from another day, but he does this a lot!)
The power came back on around 4:00 PM instead of the expected 9:00, so we were fine. 
A fun little adventure.

 And I'm loving all the big sleeping trees right now.
They would look so pretty in the snow, but I love them without too.
This is the most mild winter I ever remember in Utah and I'm loving it!


B and Jessica said...

I just got caught up on your blog. The kids all seem happy and busy. I love all your posts.

Tisha and Mark said...

next time there is a groupon for a facial we are going! These blackheads gots tah go! :) We need to plan another get together with everyone....maybe a late Valentines Day something or other. Hope things are well.

Mariana said...

Cute little guys in blankets! :)

The last two photos - especially the last one - are sooo beautiful. The nature is beautiful! And I love how you wrote abouz 'big sleeping trees'.

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