Saturday, January 7, 2012

ice skating

I took the boys ice skating at our favorite little rink in South Jordan.
It only costs $1 to rent the skates and going on the ice is free!
For times and other info visit SPOL.
Helping Ollie was sort of like trying to put clothes on a cat... hehe.
But I'm glad he tried this time! I wish Adam could have helped him on one side.
My sil, Ames was up from Las Vegas with her family, so they and my sil Christie came too.
Ollie and cousin Gabby
Good thing we brought the sled for the little ones.

Linc was happy to walk all over the ice in his shoes.
We actually got Cody out on the ice too... nice scarf Codes!
Cousins Kenzie and Elliott

Amy, Collin, Christie and Gabby

Christie and Gabby

Lincoln Bear

Elliott was pretty good and loved it.

Cousins- Collin and Linc on the sleds

I just love how they are having a little toddler conversation while being pulled... so funny.
Cody and Kenz

These guys were the last ones off the ice.

And Ollie did some of this...
...and this...

... a little of this...

...and a whole lotta this. He wouldn't let me take his skates off though. Funny little guy.
I even got to go around a few times- it makes me feel like a kid again!


B and Jessica said...

Love the mountains in the background. Since I've lived out of Utah for so long now (6 years) when I come back to visit I just can't get over the mountains. They are so big. SO BIG! And I always think, "How did I used to see these every day and not just stare in amazement? Did I even notice them?" They are so beautiful and unique and massive.

Melissa said...

Looks like so much fun!! I think we will have to try this out soon.

Mrs. Ham said...

love your gloves!!

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