Thursday, January 5, 2012

growing marbles

We had so much fun growing our own marbles with Ollie's Christmas presents.
Isn't it funny how the cheapest thing sometimes turns out to be the favorite?

 We had fun squishing them and pouring them into and out of cups.
And now we all want to fill a swimming pool with them and jump in! :)

 They started out as teeny tiny balls like this, and grew bigger by adding more water.

 Linc got some trees, stars and ice cubes that he promptly destroyed.
We definitely liked the marbles better and still have them.

The only downside was when we spilled them all over the floor- they were everywhere....
And I think I've seen these sold at Home Depot or something- I've heard of making your own neck cooling packs out of them... so we might be doing some again soon. So fun!


Courtney B said...

You can GROW your own marbles?! How amazing is this... I MUST do this with my niece and nephews!!

Mama Swalz said...

how fun is that !!

Mariana said...

Oh, I've never seen that before.
I love these!

And it is true: you don't have to spend a lot of money to have a lot of fun.

Have a great weekend!

Senja said...

Sinika, you should add your email to your profile, then people can reply via email to your comment, just like me :)

You asked if every family has a Santa outfit in Sweden. Actually, I am not sure! I think that families with little kids have them :)

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