Tuesday, January 10, 2012

december iphone

Vintage sled display at Pirate O's- where I can buy Finnish candy!
I'm almost caught up documenting our busy December.
How could I forget my friend the iphone and her glorious photos?
 My mom sent me this pic (from a few months ago) from her phone!! 
Woa- this is big news!!

Madison, Elliott, Ollie, Dawson, Brayden, Linc
 Carpool- and we were even short one this day. 
It's so funny looking back there at all those cute faces!
 The chaos that is our bathroom... yes- the cat is in the sink.
 Raising cinnamon rolls at 6 AM for a party at 10.
find the cat
 This is how Linc finds his shirts- throws everything out of his drawers.
At least Suki takes advantage and makes a nest out of it.
 Linc and his favorite kitty cat.
 Blue skies after a week of gray inversion- a breath of fresh air!
The kids playing Just Dance II on the Wii. 
It keeps them busy for hours!
gingerbread houses at Grammy's 

 The boys talked me into lunch at Burger King since I usually make them go to my places (Kneaders.)
I had the first whopper I ever remember having (since I was a kid) and it actually wasn't bad.

 snowflake shadows
 vintage silver
 the boys "washing" their new Build-a-Bears
 Nephew Will
 Fish sandwich from Red Robin- my fave!
 My wall of cards. I love seeing pictures of those I love! 

The present I gave myself- it was only $7.50 total...
I think while everyone else was into Grease, my sister and I 
recorded Grease 2 from tv onto a VHS tape and watched it over and over. 
I still know all the songs. 

 Linc's rosy cheeks at the dino museum
 naptime with ben 10 guys
 Misters Oliver & Dawson
 Loving the box of GIANT oranges my mom gave us.
fun kitchen towels from Target 
sunset from my front porch


Lindz said...

I love that last picture...you always get the best sky pictures!! HA!! ANd I always love seeing your house and decorations!! SO CUTE!! :)

The Kohler Family said...

love all the pictures! I need to be better at the whole picture taking thing. Its a great memory tool!

Melissa said...

What a fun post, so many cute pictures!! I wish I was as good as you on staying up to date on my blog. I guess I just need to get a lap top and do it during crossing guard :).

Joby, Julie, Cru and Sage said...

I thought I was the only person that needed a cat in my bathroom sink in order to use the bathroom! Love the pictures!

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