Sunday, January 8, 2012

school vacation

 These pictures are all from the week after Christmas when the boys were in Lego/cousin heaven.
We all loved sleeping in every day until 8:30+!
And hanging out in our pajamas til noon.
Our vacation bliss included playing with toys, 
eating treats (I ate way too many treats!) and hanging out with our family.
It was so nice to not have a schedule and obligations.
Makes me excited for summer...

 Legos for breakfast.
 Lots of late nights...

 My nephew Will and his cute stripey pants.
 Addie and Linc had some play dates.
 Ollie hugging our tree before we had to take it down... so sad!
I always hate saying goodbye to our trees.
Wild, happy boys. We had a great couple of weeks!
And I just had to throw this one in... Linc keeping busy
on the ipad while his diaper is conveniently changed for him... 


Mariana said...

Oh, I loOove (vacation) slepping until 8:30+ and hanging out in the pajamas til noon! :)

p.s. - Why do these first two photos seem so familiar to me? And the last one seems kind of familiar, too. :))

Mrs. Ham said...

ha ha oh linc what will you come up with next??!
miss all those boysies.

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