Tuesday, January 3, 2012

christmas morning

Ollie and Elliott's stockings
Linc used my stocking since his is still being fixed.

Ollie woke up first at 8:15-ish. Next was Linc and then Elliott. 
This is sleeping in for us any day- let alone Christmas!

Ben 10 alien!

Optimus Prime- bigger than he is!

Yo Gabba Gabba boom box!
Oatmeal groats... haha!

Linc opening Elliott's present... he just grabbed whatever he could find and started opening.

Oliver- pirate treasure box, Elliott- Hex Bug Hive
Linc- dog guitar and play kitchen

I got the boys (including Adam) snowshoes!
Now if it would just snow...

Adam got the boys He-Man castles and guys just like he had when he was little. 
Thank goodness for Ebay... and the boys love them!

Giant box of Legos from ebay.
It took Adam hours and hours to go through them to get rid of all the extra toy pieces that came with it. 

freshly squeezed orange juice

And our favorite hootenannies!
Our traditional Christmas breakfast.

Linc had chocolate reindeer with his...

the aftermath
What a great morning! 
The boys made this day so special. 
They had been counting down for so long.
Merry Christmas!

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The Nielson Family said...

All caught up now :) Such fun time and memories--it just goes by too fast, don't you think??? Glad you had a great Christmas!!!

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