Wednesday, December 26, 2012

christmas eve

 we had christmas eve at grammy's this year. it was super fun as usual- cookies for santa, plate decorating for the cookies, santa beards, new jammies- (cutest matching stripes ever!) and letters to santa. of course the best part was spending time with cousins and family. plus it snowed all day- perfect christmas eve!
Grammy, Collin & Linc


 thanks to aunt christie for the santa beards.

 and thanks to auntie megs for the plates and cool porcelain markers.

 grammy handing out jammies.

Collin, Linc, Ollie, Kenzie, Elliott, Will (sad) & Gabby
 pretty much the cutest pajama/cousin ensemble ever.
weird to think we will be adding FOUR more swalberg cousins next year!

dying at Collin and Linc- little stinkers! enjoy the next few faces...

there's a happy striped will
striped wrestling match
poor uncle tanner gets attacked whenever he's in town.

elliott trying out uncle cody's new 'ostrich pillow'- haha!
 collin and linc are 3 months apart and are so funny together- although they get into some trouble. 
i hope they are friends forever.

merry christmas!


Mariana said...

From your last posts, it looks like you had such a lovely holiday. Sometimes it's just nice to take it easy.
I wish you a wonderful new years, too!

Melissa said...

Looks like fun times!! I love their pj's, so cute!!

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