Tuesday, December 18, 2012

christmas party with friends

 The annual, "Crappy Shasta Christmas Party" was at our house this year.
It's fun to see the house fill up with little minis of our friends, and our friends of course...
We had minestrone soup and grilled cheese on Kneaders bread- easiest meal ever.
And even with two extra sections added to our table, we still ate in shifts- kids first.

 Next up were the adults- some pretty cool people right here.

 Keri picked up sugar cookies from Blue Lemon.
And Abby made these mint lovelies with her amazing culinary skills.
The boys begged us to finish dinner so we could start the penny auction- so fun.
Each kid gets 10 pennies to bid with and every family brings a few cheap presents for the auction.
They are all wrapped, and usually go for a few cents each. 
Even the little kids love paying their pennies.
Keri, Adam, Ben, Val
Collin, Abby, Keri

This is how the white elephant gifts went- 
Ben and Val graced us with this detailed painting...
Rich and Abby got our heavy monkeys that have been stored in our basement since Adam spotted them a  few months back and decided they would be perfect for this party. I would always see them out of the corner of my eye and get startled- so weird looking. Oh- and a copy of "Hear No Evil" the movie. 
Ben and Val got Rich's radio cooler with goods inside...
Keri and Collin got a cruise pack from Luke, which was fitting since they couldn't quite make it on the cruise this year... maybe this will be inspiration for next time?
Rich and Adam's model shoot in art mode... hahaha!
Luke and Brooke got the genius "Hipster sack" filled with lots of hipstery goodies from Collin. 

Little friends- Presli, Linc, Lukas & Elliott

Val with Baby Eden
Watching a little bit of Home Alone- starting with the funny parts of course. 
Lukas, Linc, Elliott, Ollie, Presli, Scarlett, LJ, Holland and Avery. 
Until next year, Crappy Shasta Party.

P.S. Smiths only sells fake shasta so we had to go somewhere else, and I'm pretty sure only two people drank the stuff anyway...

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B and Jessica said...

Everyone looks healthy and happy. It IS crazy to see all the mini-me's running around. It's amazing to think that those are our high-school friend's kids.

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