Friday, December 28, 2012

merry christmas!

Christmas morning this year went a little like this- Elliott came in our room around 8:00 announcing he had been up since 7:20 and couldn't wait anymore. Ollie joined us soon after and we waited for a little while to see if Linc would wake up. I went down to turn on the lights and Adam started Beach Boys Christmas on the record player and we were ready- so we woke up little tired Linc. We had a late night at Grammy's the night before with no nap so we was SO tired. Then the second we woke him up he was literally running for the stairs and the presents! I took a quick picture (much to Lincoln's dismay) and we were off to see the magic downstairs!
 Christmas notes and cookies for Santa, carrot for the reindeer. 

 The boys are getting so big!
 Stockings first!

 I was amazed by how fast the boys opened everything! 
We should have had them do it one at a time, but we just gave them all one and had them open it- it went by too fast. 

 Ollie trying out his new Transformers Wii game.
Linc with a chocolate goatee already from his stocking goodies.
I made our traditional Christmas breakfast- 
Hootenannies (German pancakes) with strawberries and whipped cream. 

 Grandma and Grandpa Peckham even stopped by for a second since Linc had invited them on Sunday- "I know Grandma- you should come to OUR house on Christmas!" It was sweet.
 We headed to the Swalbergs around 3:00 and opened more presents, had dinner and played 'minute-to-win-it' games. So much fun. Who knew the final round would include putting the 'Twelve Days of Christmas' song in order and that's what Lincoln had chosen me to read/sing him every night for the last two weeks? Needless to say, Adam and I won that one! (Although we miserably lost the newlywed type game... Ha!)

Me and Megs are due two weeks apart- and we finally have a belly pic with the both of us! 
6 weeks to go... Merry Christmas!


Mama Swalz said...

It was so much fun! Love that pic- now we need another pic with more people!! I love all your Christmas morning pics too!!

Melissa said...

Looks like you had an awesome Christmas at your house :). I love how Lincoln invited Grandma and Grandpa over, such a cutie!

The Kohler Family said...

Fun Christmas! I was loving your post and then realized...I didn't take any pictures of my kids on Christmas morning!

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