Thursday, December 13, 2012

girls weekend

It was that time of year again- GIRLS WEEKEND!
Steph flew in from Omaha and we nestled in for a weekend in Midway with treats, shopping and as much talking as our hearts desired. And lots of laughing! One of the highlights of my year! 
I love to think that we have known each other since we were kids- and here we are in our 30's. 
We were laughing about when we'll still get together in our 50's!

Funny that we all had babies on the brain- Tam was due in a month, Jill in a few months, and I in two months. Also- Steph has a four month old at the moment. 

We went to the outlet mall in Park City and had some really great coupons so we got some Christmas shopping done. It was so funny that Jill, Tam and Steph would all head straight for the HUGE girls section and Ange and I would head for the tiny boys section. We all have one gender of kids- so weird. 

Steph always loves to go to Cafe Rio since there aren't any in Nebraska.
Notice everyone's salads to my fish tacos...

Our coupon shopping paid off!!

Dinner at Red Rock- not sure why some of our faces are so red in this? 
Too bad I didn't bring my nice camera this time.
Such a fun weekend with the girls!


Megan Marie said...

i swear you aren't pregnant... your belly is so smmmall. my goodness i'm huge!


Mariana said...

Oh, this looks fun!!
I've been really busy these days and I envy you a little bit.
Just a little. :)

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