Thursday, December 6, 2012

first snow

We had our first snow a few weeks ago!
 And we all know that the first snow is THE BEST!! 
So even though it was later when we got home that Friday night, the boys wanted to go out.
Linc insisted that he finally wanted to put on his boots and try it out, 
when he wouldn't earlier in the day.

 He walked up our street walking in all the neighbor's lawns...

 The next morning, all the boys had friends in our yard by 8:00 AM! 
They played so hard out there all day.

 And of course everyone requested hot chocolate.
 This is Gabby Friday afternoon before she went with her other aunt.
She put Linc's boots on and was watching the boys play.

 Linc was especially interested in eating the snow. 

 I took the boys and their friends to the school with the big hills and left them there for a bit.
Again- they played so hard!
 Linc stayed with me and just came to check on the big boys with me... 
and eat more snow.

 Ollie catching some air!!!
 the snow hill at the school
 Another day Ollie was sledding in the neighbor's front yard and face-planted it in the icy snow... poor kid!
 The next day, before his eye turned really bruised/black. 
Everyone would gasp and ask what happened when they saw him.
The price you pay for a good sledding time I guess.

The snow lasted for about a week and since then we've had nice weather with a little rain.
I'm hoping it will snow on Christmas Eve, but otherwise, love not having to drive in it! 

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Lindz said...

I love your Christmas tree!! And such a cool action shot of Ollie sad about his poor eye!! :( And that pic of the hill at the school is are a great photographer!! :)

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