Wednesday, December 26, 2012

simple christmas

Pretty sure this Christmas was our most low-key, relaxed, simple Christmas in a long time. I blame it on being pregnant, but it might have to do with 3 boys who like to stay home and play with friends rather than run errands and go places every day- even if it is fun to see lights and Santa. Hopefully we'll get back to those things next year. 

And good thing Adam shopped for himself (every year- this is nothing new) and did some online shopping for the boys. I didn't have the desire to do much shopping which is weird. But it turned out to be a lovely Christmas time. Nights spent in our family room with the lit Christmas tree. Snuggles with the boys. And lots of Christmas books from the library and our own growing collection. 

 On Sunday before Christmas we went to my parent's house to eat dinner and read the nativity.

My mom was filling a picture frame with our families, so we snapped a few pictures- 
Will, Linds, Benny, Elli, Addie and Brian
Roy, Karissa, Trevan and Jackie
Sini, Adam, Linc, Elliott and Ollie
 My mom and dad- who hasn't been in the best health lately.

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