Friday, June 7, 2013

dance festival

The last week of school always means a few things:
field day
the dance festival!
(Also the last time I get to run errands with two instead of four, but who's counting?)

The 1st grade was supposed to dress like rock stars for their dance to "Rockin' Robin."
Ollie had big ideas and told me he wanted jeans with lots of holes in them and a vest...?
We did what we could- I cut a few more holes in his already holey jeans and ran them through the washer and dryer to get them just right.
He couldn't decide which glasses to wear but ended up with these ones. 
He was glad his brand new hair cut matched the look. 

 The 3rd graders danced to "Dynamite."
It started to POUR just as they got started.
And it was cold and windy.
But they were brave and danced through it. 
I think Mister Elliott was glad to be on the back row with his buddy Shawn.

 By the time it was Ollie's turn, they had moved everyone inside, which was great because we could see him a lot better!
 Little Ham.
This picture is very Ollie-- happy, fun, excited and cute!

I love the dance festival!
Every kid needs a little culture right?
These guys already have a one-up on us, with playing Just Dance on the wii.
They've got some great moves already. 
I wish I had learned a little when I was a kid.
Below is Ollie's video- he is so fun to watch (2nd row):

And Elliott's- a little harder to see though:


Lindz said...

Those videos are adorable....what a lottle studly rockstar Ollie is!! :)

Mama Swalz said...

How cute are these videos! Your boys are the best!

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