Wednesday, June 19, 2013


I took Franky in to the doctor a few times in the last few weeks.
First he had an ear infection.
I had no idea he had it because he had no fever, no cough or runny nose etc. 
He just wouldn't stop crying one morning. He was up a lot during the night too. 
He didn't want to eat or go to sleep.
He was a little fussy the days before, but nothing out of control.
It was so unlike him. He is so happy usually and only gets fussy if he's hungry or tired.
I finally gave him a warm bath which calmed him down.
Then he took a nap and I fed him when he woke up and I noticed his ear draining out white stuff!
I was so sad that I had no idea.
But I took him right in.
I knew something was wrong but thought it would be weird if I just took him in for crying...

Then when he was on day 8 of his antibiotics his cheeks turned super rashy-red.
I thought it was a sunburn but my friends thought it looked like an allergic reaction.
I took him to the doctor after calling the nurse who said to bring him in.
I guess they don't mess with allergies and wanted to be sure.
It turned out to be heat rash!
We had been outside the few days before, so it makes sense. I had been trying to keep him out of the sun, but the heat got to his skin I guess.
You can see his little red cheeks in the photos below.
Happy as can be still though.

Then a few days later was his 4 month appointment. 
He is healthy and happy. 
It was funny to see the big boys gather around Franky to comfort him after he got his shots. 
He is one loved little boy!

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Amy said...

:( so sad when babies get sick. Especially when they can't tell us what's wrong and they just cry. I'm glad he's doing better. He is so very cute and happy. I bet your other boys are so loving him.

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