Friday, June 7, 2013

school's out!

 So it was the first year that I didn't cry the last day of school.
The boys have never cried on the last day- just FYI.
I usually do, but for some reason the tears didn't come.
Even though the boys had THE BEST teachers and we will miss them.
The boys have been lucky with great teachers so far.
Aren't the best teachers nice but expect lots from your kid?
I think so.
Here is Ollie with his teachers:
Mrs. Ackerson on the left, was his Chinese teacher for half the day.
Mrs. Helm was his teacher for the other half. 
They had such a hard job this year getting the Chinese program going!
We benefitted from all of their hard work and are very grateful for them.
Ollie and his best buddy Dawson.
Ollie on the first day of school- he grew up so much this year!
sporting the leis we made for the boys' classes and cousins
 Elliott and his cousin Benny got to play at every recess this year, even though Ben was in 4th grade and Elliott was in 3rd. At one of the stay and plays where you come to their recess and then eat lunch with them outside, I asked what they were doing for recess and they said, "Oh, the usual- walking around and talking and stuff." I told them to run and jump and play and use up some of their energy- silly boys!
 I got to be Elliott's room mom again this year and got to work a lot with Mrs. Fulwider.
She is so sweet and having a baby this month! 
She was really kind to Elliott and he loved her.
Elliott on the first day of school.
We will miss their amazing teachers, but will always remember them!

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