Wednesday, June 12, 2013

around here

Random photos from our house:
If we don't catch him, Linc will lay down on the couch just before bedtime and go to sleep.
He is also the only boy I've had who will put himself down for a nap in his bed if he gets tired in the day, actually admits that he's tired (Elliott and Ollie will always deny it!) and will beg for no books at night sometimes because he is too tired and just wants to go to sleep. So funny to see a little kid like this, but, I am also "one" with my sleep so I get it. The other day we were meeting family for dinner so i was looking for him everywhere, I even checked two different neighbor's house before I finally found him asleep in his bed.

Reading the Book of Mormon. 

Franky sleeping in his swing (even if it looks like his eyes are open!) 
Remember when counting your money every so often was so much fun?

"Take a picture of me mom!"
Cleaning out the messy movie cabinet.

Had fun watching Ollie play soccer. And loved talking to my friends who also had kids on the team.

Elliott joined a parkour class with Benny. They have so much fun! 

little ninjas

And the other day I found Linc in the front yard like this. I asked him what happened to his shorts and his simple reply was, "They got wet."
Busy boys- there is always something going on!

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Amy said...

What cute boys you have! I'm sure they keep you moving. =) boys are always going going going. Except when the occasional one stops for a little rest without telling anyone. ;) How cute is that!

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