Monday, June 17, 2013

on having boys

These boys of mine fill every day with such life!

Lots of questions, explanations, love and kisses.
Lots of thoughtful observations and funny ideas.
There's bickering and hitting.
Wrestling and farting. 
And talking about farting.
(Why so much talk?? What is so interesting and funny??) 
There are borrowed phrases from friends- some funny, some eye-roll-worthy.
There are owies and tears.
Lots of hugs and hand holding.
Lectures and time-outs.
I talk a lot about why we shouldn't fight, or hit our brothers.
And to think of your brother first, before yourself.
(Maybe someday it'll stick.)
Books and snuggling every night.
(I'm the reader, Adam's the snuggler.)

I hear many of these everyday:
"Watch me!"
"I'm hungry."
"Where are my shoes?"
"Mom, ______ hit/kicked/bit/pushed me!"
"Can I play with friends?"

These boys get me to try lots of things I haven't done in years, like:
going off the high dive
doing flips on the trampoline
handstand contests
eating at McDonalds
tasting their suckers- (they always insist!)
riding scooters
playing catch
throwing frisbees
pitching a baseball
watching cartoons
(there are actually some clever cartoons, and some that are soo lame!)
reading children's books (I might have an obsession now!)
dancing in the family room

It is a funny thing being a mom.
These boys are my life.
They are what I spend all my energy on.
I want them to be happy, healthy and kind.
I have so much hope and love for them.

They are good boys and I love them so much! 


Saimi said...

You make me wish I didn't stop at three! At least I have two grand sons! Boys are the best!! You are such a wonderful mom the boys are blessed to have such a loving mother and of course father as well!! That Frankie is so stinking adorable!

Knudson Family said...

What a sweet post!

{leah} said...

I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who always walking into a conversation between the boys about farts.... why fart???

boys are the best!

Christine Rowley said...

Love it! And I don't know what it is about farting, fart noises, fart talk etc. Before bed tonight, Caleb told me about a scale of 1-50 how you measure how stinky farts are. He said that you die at 30.

B and Jessica said...

I love this post.

The farting jokes have started around here. I'm glad you said "farts". Calling them anything else just sounds so lame to me.

walkerbunch said...

Great post. Just FYI, girls think that anything to do with farts is funny too!

Amy said...

You are an amazing mom! I love this post! Your boys are so blessed to have you. And they are so very very cute!

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