Saturday, October 29, 2011

adventure walk

 One of our favorite things to do in Midway while staying at the condo is to walk around the Zermatt Hotel grounds. 

Of course it's even more beautiful in the fall!

 We always take the scooters up with us...
 and this time the boys discovered this "ramp"... 
they were zooming down so fast I could hardly watch.
 fun door

These natural craters are on the grounds- so strange, but beautiful.
These are just mini ones, but across the street there is a giant one that you can swim (and scuba dive) in.

 We always visit with the goats- on the property next to the hotel.

 lovely Zermatt grounds

 There is a little path to follow around- with lots of things to do- 
bonfires, horseshoe games, picnic tables, giant games of chess etc.

 We found this cool apple tree! 
We fed the fallen apples to the goats.

Can you see that little veranda in the back? I've seen it set with a little table, 
beautiful dishes and two chairs before (someone had just gotten done using it)...
so romantic for a summer evening!

 I love the clash of yellow and red!
Linc-y Bear's shortcut. 
 The back of Mt. Timpanogas on the way back home- so fun for a Sunday drive!

 Provo Canyon

 Bridal Veil Falls

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{leah} said...

Beautiful!! It's funny watching other people's kids grow up via blogs.... and your boys are getting so big. they are so cute, you can kinda see the young men they will gorw into.

The pictures are great. I love all the color that is there!

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