Monday, October 10, 2011

pumpkin picking

 Last week before the cold weather and rainstorms moved in, we decided to pick our pumpkins. 
We've been checking on them all summer, and the boys put dibs on their favorites a long time ago.

 We planted all different types- jack-be-littles, jumbo, cinderella and white pumpkins.
This cinderella got huge! I wonder if it somehow mixed with a jumbo vine? Does that happen?
 Every family event must include a cry.
 Elliott's jumbo pumpkin turned out not so jumbo.
I think it will be a perfect jack-o-lantern though.

 Our porch is now decorated for the season
(although, this is before we picked the white pumpkins)
thanks to our tiny garden.
And our Halloween cat watched it all from the stairs.


Tammy said...

Good job on the pumpkin growing! They look really good.

Lindz said...

Such cute pumpkins....and how fun that you grew your own!! :)

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