Friday, October 14, 2011

crafter noon

My friend Lindsay is like Martha Stewart- except even better because she is so nice! I went to a craft party she had, which was so fun. She had everything set up with all the materials. Basically she spoiled us rotten! She had these bags ready for us to take our treasures home in. Who thinks of a bow like this? (Lindsay does!) I'm a little jealous of those who cute crafty things come so naturally to.

We made cupcakes in a jar- a decadent chocolate cupcake layered with homemade cream and topped with homemade chocolate sauce... YUM! And cute.

This is a mini sign- I still need to put letters on it to say "happy day" but I can't wait to use it!
And I sewed! I never sew anything, but we made these big fabric banners. I love it!

We made a pom-pom banner, and I have since made one that was 
grey, pink and white for a baby shower. So cute and easy to make.

And finally, gift tags with fabric.
It was fun chatting with the girls and making things- two of my favorites.
I even met another girl who's mom is from Finland. She has a sauna in her house- my goal someday.
Thanks Linds! It was so much fun!


Naoma said...

It was so fun, I agree! She is pretty much amazing. It was so fun seeing you guys, I wish we didn't live so far away... I miss our running and fun chats. Love the post and your pictures.

Senja said...

good job! :) these are great!

B and Jessica said...

I love craft parties! And this one looks awesome! I'm so glad you sewed. It's kind of addicting. Especially if all you do is easy stuff, like me. And with all the tutorials on the internet these days, the instructions and pictures are right there in front of you. For free. Love it.

Lindz said...

What cute crafts!! Wish I was there to go to Lindsay's craft party!!! HA!!! :)

Mama Swalz said...

Now WE need to have a Sini's Craft Party! SOON! Looks so fun! I love the Jackson Hole pics below too!

Knudson Family said... fun!

Mariana said...

So fun!
And cute!
And really inspiring... (We are going to have a birthday party, soon.) Thanks! :)

Mrs. Ham said...

oh my gosh! i'm speechless. everything is so perfect! great job!

The Nielson Family said...

Just catching up on blogs...can you tell it's been forever?!? SOOOOO Glad you came to the craft party!!! I want to do another one soon too... :) And you're so nice for calling me "martha" but there's a lot of times I think of YOU when I'm crafting!!!

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